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Salient Features of all our products

The common theme that applies to all our packages is ease of use and their no frill nature that allows them to focus on the job at hand and to achieve results in the most efficient manner.  Many features incorporated in these products are totally unique in design terms whereby complex tasks are handled behind the scenes and results produced in the simplest way possible. Our claim is that our packages are the simplest to use amongst all software packages currently on the market and we have not been proved wrong yet.

Following features are worthy of mentioning:

  • Comprehensive nominal ledger accounting system complete with cash and bank controls and a dual period trial balance

  • Memorandum data capture without a need for user to apply accounting disciplines. Data is entered easily in a tabular format with default entries that are entered automatically by the system where possible to maximise speed and minimise occurrence of errors. Nevertheless error detection mechanisms have been installed at every level to ensure early detection and correction

  • Audit trail and full accessibility to prime data with total control making it possible to amend, add or delete entries at any time with self-adjusting consequences

  • Fully automated end of period routine whereby simple entry of the cut-off date for ledgers automatically adjusts all brought forward balances and accumulates P&L balances in one account

  • Exceptionally simple system of navigation with the use of a central control panel with all operations driven by logically placed buttons

  • Incorporation of reference or permanent data on a once and for all basis available for easy access and possible updating at any time

  • Systems security on a multi-level basis with simple yet secure password allocation and updating routine

  • Effective cash flow control features such as on screen cash and bank balances, distinguishing between cleared and uncleared funds and early warning system for imminent payables

  • Simple to use and fully automated system for recurring payments and receipts

  • On screen bank reconciliation with the facility to amend and update entries at the same time with self-adjusting consequences producing detailed reconciliation statements on screen and in hard copy

  • Where appropriate time and fees management and billing as an integrated part of the nominal ledger accounting system. A sophisticated yet simple to use and extremely flexible to cater for all eventualities and various time billing methods

  • Simple and flexible charts of accounts easy to customise

  • VAT accounting on “cash basis” or in a manner that takes account of varying rates and applies a composite rate to piece-meal receipts to equate to invoiced VAT. Also production of VAT Returns and reports at a touch of a button

  • Production of a wealth of reports and documents at a touch of a button for external and internal use for accounting, performance evaluation and control purposes

  • Debtor monitoring and debt chasing facilities allowing timely, informed and fully controlled action for recovery of debts in a manner that is dignified and in keeping with the business and professional image

  • Accounts production facilities as integral part of the system for GP practices and as a separate module for other systems. These produce presentable accounts that conform with accounting standards and all relevant laws and regulations. These produce accounts for self-employed, partnerships and companies with limited liability status. The latter is capable of producing audited accounts as well as those that are exempt from audit. This system can also produce abbreviated accounts for submission to the Registrar with full accounts for the benefit of members

There are many more facilities and features that are available within each of the broad heads mentioned above. These are too numerous to mention but together have culminated in systems that work well for the environments for which they have been designed.

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