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“I want to give GP surgeries and other sectors with complex accounting regime a bespoke accountancy software at an affordable cost”

Having spent many years as specialist medical chartered Accountant, I saw first hand the struggles our clients faced preparing their books and accounts. Naturally, this caused more time input by their accountants which in turn added significantly to the fees that they charged. Standard off the shelf packages could be used but with significant limitations due to lack of focus and the one or two available specialist packages did not go far enough. Frustrated by this state of affairs and with experience and skill in software design and database development, I embarked on developing a completely bespoke accounting software package specifically for this sector.


I then continued and created several more packages, each for a separate sector all with one thing in common and that was the exceptional ease of use by their respective users and the fact that they operate in a manner that is entirely compatible with their transaction patterns and trading environments. As a result, users immediately relate to their system and follow its routines intuitively.


Khosrow Behbahani
Developer & Chartered Accountant
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