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This is a remarkably sophisticated accounts production package that has been developed with small accountancy practices in mind. Designed for small limited company accounts this software uses a trial balance that is entered directly into a simple form and produces high quality statutory accounts based on Financial Reporting Standard For Smaller Entities (FRSSE) and other legal and professional standards. The whole process normally takes minutes to complete and accounts produced year after year (see some screen-shots)

With enormous flexibility this software incorporates detailed policies and notes to the accounts that based on automatic and self adjusting numbers that correspond to relevant entries in the balance sheet and profit and loss accounts. It analyses loans and HPs according to number of years these are repayable and produces notes to the accounts disclosing these in the prescribed manner. Detailed fixed assets' note showing revaluations as well as accumulated depreciation as adjusted for disposals during the period is included in the system. A useful feature allows incorporation of accruals, prepayments, stock and WIP that are automatically re-adjusted by the system year after year. The system produces the appropriate auditors' reports with or without qualifications, accountants' reports and directors' reports in the prescribed format. Another important feature is production of abbreviated accounts for the Registrar with simultaneous production of detailed accounts for use by members, management and the Tax Office. As with our other products this software has also evolved within accountancy practices therefore fully compatible with their working practices requiring a minimum of familiarisation and formal training.

Salient features of this software can be summarised as follows:

  • Unlimited number of client companies
  • Extremely easy to use and unbelievably fast so that accounts could be produced in minutes
  • Direct entry of trial balance, year end journals
  • Automatic inclusion of comparatives year after year
  • Automatic hiding of notes with nil balances or not relevant with self adjusting numbering routine
  • Print preview facility allows inspection of each page to ensure correctness before printing that can be done on a page by page basis or for a complete set of accounts
  • The system allows choice of auditors' reports (where audit applies) and inclusion of qualifications in the manner required, it also produces Accountants' Reports or no reports where applicable
  • Notes to the accounts, accounting policies and directors' reports are customised to suit each set of accounts
  • Automatic appearance and numbering of notes for Political or Charitable Contributions if applicable
  • Loans, HPs and financing leases are categorised in notes according to periods over which these are repayable
  • Inclusion of accruals, prepayments, stock and WIP that are self reversing year after year when new balances are included for subsequent years
  • Simultaneous production of detailed and abbreviated accounts when abbreviated accounts are opted for
  • Accounts produced by the system are of highest quality suitable for presentation to members, Registrar, Tax Office, banks or any other potential user of company accounts
  • All notes, policies or reports as required by Companies Act and FRSSE are produced by the system and included within the financial statements as and when needed
  • Correct references to Companies Act (section no, paragraph no etc) are included in appropriate places depending on each option such as audit needed or not
  • Inclusion of directors and their interests, responsibilities, company activities etc.
  • Inclusion of Statement of Total Recognised Gains and Losses
  • A wealth of functions and capabilities designed to simplify accounts production and to minimise risk of errors whilst performing this important and often daunting task












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